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10 things consultants can do to stay organized

2010 March 24
by MKS

Great little article on TechRepublic on “10 things consultants can do to stay organized“. I’ve followed many of these practices for years, but I have to admit, I sometimes fall short (especially on the notetaking – I hate paper!  🙂   ).

As a consultant, one of the battles I fight on a day-to-day basis is remaining organized. When chaos becomes the rule of the day, the work becomes challenging, inefficient, and frustrating. But keeping chaos at bay is not always an easy task. Murphy’s Law will take your feet out from under you at every corner. So how can consultants keep themselves organized? There are many ways — and you might be surprised that it’s not all about checklists and to-do lists. It’s about working intelligently and efficiently. Let’s take a look at some methods that will help you get through the day without chaos making you its lapdog.

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