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Migrating to GMail

2010 May 3
by MKS

I started using GMail about a year ago. Prior to that, I’ve been using Hotmail as my main personal email account, and I’ve migrated off of most of my other email accounts.

I also started using an iPhone about six months ago, and its been a very handy way to keep on top of my email (both GMail and Hotmail) while mobile.

As I’ve started to use GMail more and more, I’ve been very happy with its capabilities, especially with the ability to manage multiple accounts through one mailbox. Both the iPhone, and Apple’s Mail app (tried a couple of others, but this is still the best – especially with WideMail) works well with GMail, and make managing my Inbox a breeze. Threaded conversations are cool, and “It Just Works”.

My Hotmail is now slowly becoming my junkmail folder, and that’s about it. Today, I’m taking the big step, and migrating my Hotmail folders over to GMail.

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