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Starting fresh

2014 August 25
by MKS

Its been a while since I’ve posted here. Things have been very busy with me – I’ve started (and closed) a couple of businesses, continued my consulting career, had a baby, etc. However, I’m ready to start posting again and sharing more of my learnings. Stay tuned for articles on:

  • Stock / Options trading, and why its one of the best ways to make money
  • Real Estate investment – leveraging the power of your own home
  • Project Management tools and techniques
  • Internet marketing – harvest the power of your time to make money while you sleep
  • and many more!

In the meantime, I’ve always been a believer in lifetime learning – think of it as pushups for the brain! I’ve found Udemy is a great source of online course material for everything from Accounting, to Internet Marketing, Programming, Project Management, and more. Take a look for yourself, they have a great selection of free courses too!

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